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London and Maddie’s First Snowboard from the Sports Section in Mendham, NJ

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Roxy’s loyal readers know that, over on my Roxiticus Desperate Housewives site, I’ve been posting about London and Maddie’s new love of the snow… snowmen, snow angels, sledding, and my hope of finding them a simple kids snowboard to use to slide down the hill in our front yard in the Roxiticus Valley (not on the mountains of Whistler, Vail or Deer Valley).

Given the amount of snow we’ve had this year and coinciding with the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, it seemed like the right time for nine-year-old London and eight-year-old Maddie to try snowboarding.  However, after doing some basic Internet research on kids’ snowboarding, I had decided I would need Roxy (the snowboard and clothing company) to sponsor Roxy (the blogger) with London and Maddie’s first set of snowboard equipment (stay tuned for happy ending that doesn’t involve sponsorship). While I thought it would be fun for each of my girls to have one of those Roxy snowboards with the cool graphic designs just to slide down the hill in front of our house, I didn’t realize that snowboarding could be as complicated and expensive as skiiing… snowboard, bindings, boots, helmet…  While I waited for the snowboard offer to come in from Roxy to Roxy for next season, I considered tracking down a couple of those plastic cafeteria trays used for snowboarding back in my days as a college student at Syracuse University.

Last weekend, temperatures reached the high 40’s and I decided spring was here. However, the snow returned to the Roxiticus Valley on Thursday and Friday… and on those two snow days off from school, London and Maddie broke their red plastic snowboggan.

Luckily, while London and Maddie were in their Saturday morning Mendham Patriots basketball clinic this morning, Rex and I went over to the Kings shopping center in search of London’s request for “skirt on a hanger” — skirt steak and hangar steak from the butcher at Kings.  As we were leaving the shopping center, Rex spied a couple of simple plastic sleds in the window at the Sports Section.  To make a long story short, we decided to return and pick up the sleds after London and Maddie’s play dates later in the afternoon.  When we returned, the sleds were sold out!  However, the Sports Section still had two family toboggans (we bought one for $29.99) and a small selection of simple kids snowboards… with “boot loops” for $29.99 and “any boot” bindings for $49.99.  We bought the blue one with bindings you see the girls using in the photos.  We got home around 4:30 in the afternoon, with about an hour and a half of light left in the day, and the girls were out having a blast and picked up the kick swivel turns and slide moves right away.

The Sports Section sporting goods store

Kings Shopping Center, Mendham, NJ

84-88 East Main Street, Mendham NJ  07945

Phone:  (973) 543-5200

For those of you who don’t live within driving distance of The Sports Section in Mendham, NJ, I’m doing my best to figure out where you can get one of these simple kids snowboards, but as you know, my earlier Internet research had me thinking I’d need to spend over $1,000 on snowboards, boots, and bindings for my two girls.  The brand appears to be “ESP Advanced Level ProXX145,” but I can’t find it anywhere on the Internet… that’s why I gave up last weekend.  So if you’re not from Mendham, NJ, here’s my recommendation:  please call The Sports Section (tell ‘em Roxy sent you) at (973) 543-5200 and ask them how to get one of these really cool and simple snowboards…

We’ll be heading back to The Sports Section in a few weeks to get a pitchback for Maddie’s 8th birthday… the girls are starting Little League fast pitch softball this year.

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