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Mendham Snowplows Smashed My Mailbox… but the Department of Public Works Team Is Coming Out to Fix It!

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One of the hazards of winter here in the Roxiticus Valley is the damage done by the snowplows as the drivers work quickly in the dead of night to clear our roads of snow and ice.  With the first serious snowstorm of Winter 2008-09, the snowplows smashed our mailbox and its wooden support structure to smithereens.  However, years ago, one of my neighbors, a former mayor of Mendham Township, advised me that our Department of Public Works is responsible for repairing the damage caused by their snowplows.  This morning, I made a simple call to the Mendham Township Department of Public Works at (973) 543-4509, gave the kind lady my address and phone number, and she promised that someone would be out to make repairs over the next few days.

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  • Joan Fauchere
    9:32 am on January 4th, 2009 1

    I had a similar experience last winter, with the snowplow knocking over my mailbox - how he ever managed to hit it since it was so far back from the street I’ll never know, but when I called the DoPW, they were good enough to come out and, like ‘all the kings horses and all the kings’ men’ were able to put my mailbox back on top of its stand! When we install our new post and mailbox I am going to ensure not only that it’s sufficiently back from the street but will install one of those raised reflective markers by it before the snow starts flying.


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