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Mendham Township Elementary School Principal Michael Craver Resigns

By: Roxy on 10/31/08 @ 8:29 pm

It started with rumors whispered at the Mendham Township Elementary School Halloween Parade this afternoon, and I confirmed it with Principal Craver himself after the parade. Mendham Township Elementary School Principal Michael Craver has resigned. He intends to pursue a doctoral program that will lead to greater opportunities within education in the future.
I’m disappointed to [...]

Sammy’s Ye Olde Cider Mill

By: Roxy on 05/24/08 @ 12:33 am

Every couple of months, Rex & I will be in the mood for a steak, and we’ll round up some friends and/or take the girls to Sammy’s in Mendham NJ. It’s a funny place with no sign to announce itself, a white building on “old” Route 24 (353 Mendham Road West) in Mendham, near Westmont [...]

Official Mendham Web Sites

By: Roxy on 05/24/08 @ 12:24 am

The official Mendham Township web site ( includes important stuff like the recycling calendar and the Mendham Township recreation department activities
The official Mendham Borough web site ( has been newly updated in 2008.
The Mendham Township schools web siteĀ ( includes important stuff like the monthly lunch menu, upcoming school events, and the awesome, school-run Pathways to [...]