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Roxy’s Secret Is Out…I Love Love Love My Mechanic: Moro Automotive in Mendham, NJ

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Before I met Dennis Moro of Moro Automotive in Mendham, my service calls at the car dealer sounded something like this:

  • “It’s gonna cost you a grand just to open her up and take a look.  Of course, we’ll credit that against your [sky's-the-limit] total repair bill once we find the problem.”
  • “I know you brought her in for our $29.99 oil change, but with the other standard service items we like to do at 30,000 miles, your total bill comes to $665.95.”

And that doesn’t even include the car salesmen who’ve called me “little lady” and suggested I come back with “the man of the house” to help me make the buy-or-lease decision on my SUV.

With Moro’s Automotive, my last three service calls have sounded more like this:

  • “The repair code is for the timing chain, which shouldn’t need replacing for another few years.  But hey, your Acadia’s what, a 2009?  It should still be under warranty, so you should take it to your GMC dealer for the repair and they’ll have to do it for free.”
  • “Your little rodent friends chewed through two different cables on your convertible…the parts are more than $900 if I order them new from Toyota, but if you give me some time, I’m sure I can find them in a junkyard for a fraction of the cost.”
  • “Just an oil change today, but we found out what’s making that grinding noise, let me know if you want us to fix it and I’ll order the part, should run you about $262 all in.”

So I’ve given up the nightmare of regular service visits to three different car dealership service departments, and bring my 2009 GMC Acadia, 2006 Chevy Suburban, and 1996 Toyota Celica convertible to someone I like and trust with my cars: Dennis Moro. 

Moro Automotive Service
8 Cold Hill Road
Mendham, NJ 07945-2024
(973) 543-7282

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