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Big Surprise In Store for Maddie and London This Weekend: We Need Puppy Nanny 911!!

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My loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives and Roxy’s Best Of… readers know that we’ve been planning to add a cockapoo puppy to our family this summer.  We originally thought that our puppy would come from a cocker spaniel mom due in the first week of May, and we’ve been planning to bring our eight-week-old puppy home from the breeder in early July. Right now, it feels like I’m about seven months pregnant, getting ready for the new baby and working hard to finish things up at the office ahead of maternity leave in a couple of months.  Maddie has been planning for months, doing research and learning how to take some of the responsibility for training and grooming our new arrival.  I’m a long-term planner, so I’ve been reading and studying:  “Puppies For Dummies as well as the Dog Whisperer’s ”How to Raise the Perfect Dog” by Cesar Millan.  I also ordered his six DVD Boxed Set as “a present for Maddie.” But who am I trying to kid? I can’t stay focused on work and I become easily distracted by making plans for puppy.  I’ve been ordering a few key items online and visiting Petco with Rex and the girls from time to time.

We’ve been planning to make the trip to Pleasant Valley, New York to visit the new cockapoo puppies at Mulberry Farm this weekend.  Now here’s the big surprise…  London and Maddie don’t know it yet, but we’re not just visiting our puppy this Sunday, we’re bringing little Peanut Butter home.  Going back to the baby analogy, it feels like I’ve gone in to visit my ob-gyn at the seven month mark, only to be told that he made a mistake on my due date, my baby will be big and healthy, but will arrive this weekend!

We need Puppy Nanny 911… stat!

Lucky for Roxy, we have just such a service right here in Mendham, NJ… Justine Schuurmans and The Family Dog to the rescue!! Justine is a kinder, gentler local dog whisperer (more details later on their better, safer, positive — consequences and kindness — training techniques) right here in Morris County, NJ. She’s also a fellow Mendham Township Elementary School mother who contacted me about a fab new company that my local readers need to know about.

The Family Dog is a local Morris and Somerset County service just like Super Nanny or Nanny 911, only for dogs! What I’ve learned from my Dog Whisperer books and videos so far is that while it’s great to take your new puppy to obedience school, it’s the people who really need the training, and most families need help where it counts - at home. That’s where The Family Dog comes in…. two fun-loving, long-time professional dog trainers who are juggling a full schedule, with four dogs and four children under six between them. They both teach classes at St. Huberts, but realize that families need a different kind of help.

The Family Dog is the only dog training company in the area that is specifically designed for FAMILIES!  When I first spoke with Justine, I realized that their approach is really designed to fit in with my busy schedule…and, as I remind both my loyal readers and my mother, I’m not really a housewife, nor do I play one on TV… I’m a full-time investment banker and mother of two.  Clearly I need to make time for our new puppy, but it is great to know that Justine understands and can help me to develop a schedule that enables the whole family to share the responsibility for Peanut Butter. No matter how long you’ve had your dog, The Family Dog has a program that will ensure the best possible future for him or her.  Justine and/or her partner, Leah Hatley (who is based out of Morristown, NJ), can help prepare you and your family for a new dog, give your puppy the best start in life, create good habits for your adolescent dog, and help your children learn the best ways to respect and nurture your four-legged friend. Each of your training sessions will be conveniently held in your own home.
That means NO traveling, NO scheduling conflicts and you will be practicing in the place you need it most!

Maddie and London are so psyched… Justine met with me this morning to do some puppy-proofing and she’s coming back to our house this afternoon for a private session before our puppy arrives to give all of us the info and training we need to set off on the right foot. She’s even going to bring one of her own dogs to coach us and let the girls practice on, so they will be experts when their cockapoo puppy, Peanut Butter, arrives. So much is in the preparation, and now we’re writing the term paper on the night before it’s due!

The Family Dog, serving Morris and Somerset Counties with DogNanny 911 services from Mendham and Morristown, NJ.

Phone: (973) 910-0364. Be sure to let Justine know that Roxy sent you!!

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