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Update on Principal Michael Craver’s Resignation from Mendham Township Elementary School

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I’ve received a copy of the official letter from the Mendham Township Board of Education regarding Michael Craver’s resignation as principal of Mendham Township Elementary School. Other than outlining the transition plan, the letter is not particularly enlightening.

Dear Parents and Staff:

The Board of Education accepted the resignation of Mr. Craver, the Elementary Principal, at their October 28th meeting. They recognized the tremendous time and energy that Mr. Craver brought to the elementary principal’s position. The Board realizes the importance of a doctoral degree in seeking higher educational positions and appreciates Mr. Craver’s desire to enhance his educational expertise by pursuing an advanced degree. They are appreciative of his commitment to the parents, staff and students of the Mendham School District.

In the interest of continuity and the pending arrival of the new Superintendent on November 17th, the Board has temporarily appointed Mrs. Catherine Mozak to act as both the Superintendent and Principal, aided by the Director of Special Education, Mrs. Elaine Lombardi, and the Curriculum Supervisor, Mrs. Sandra Cellis. The search process for a new principal will begin as soon as the new Superintendent arrives. In the meantime all of Mr. Craver’s initiatives will continue to move forward.

Thank you for your cooperation and support during this time of transition.

Mark Ford
Board of Education President

Roxy’s Thoughts:

I’m afraid the only encouraging news from the Board’s memo is that Catherine Mozak will be continuing to fill a transitional role with Mendham Township Elementary School.  As I mentioned in my earlier post, the Board gave her raves for her efforts as Interim Superintendent since Christine Johnson left last May.

Agree? Disagree? Please take the time to share your thoughts and concerns here or on my earlier post in an effort to create a forum for discussion for parents of children in the Mendham Township School District.

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