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Register Now for Mendham Township School District Pathways to Learning Fall/Winter Session 2008

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London and Maddie brought home the new Mendham Township School District Pathways to Learning Program brochure for the Fall/WInter 2008 Session in their “backpack mail” on Friday.  There are lots of exciting enrichment classes for children in grades K-8, including:

  • Aviation Club (Grades K-8):  The Hobby Quest.  Learn about aviation history, physics, weather, craftsmanship, and the properties of flight with indoor and outdoor hands-on activities.  Students will produce at least two model airplanes which will be set in motion and take flight.
  • Let’s Learn Chinese (Grades K-2 and Grades 3-4):  Sarah Witko.  Come learn Mandarin Chinese through singing, watching a very funny story and playing with my new friend Muzzy.  Watch how quickly you can learn another language!
  • Lego Mania (Grades K-2):  Charles Gallo (London and Maddie’s favorite summer camp counselor and technology teacher at MTES).  If you enjoy playing with Lego’s, working in teams and using your imagination, then this is the course for you.  Each student will design a structure based on a daily theme.
  • Group Chess Instruction (Grades Pre-K - 5):  Premier Chess Instruction Co.  Helps children to develop skills such as critical thinking and problem solving in a changing environment.
  • Making Magic (Grades K-5):  The Hobby Quest.  Students discover the art of illusions, interactive communications and presentation skills.  Puppet making, juggling and magic tricks with lessons on how to practice and create illusions.
  • Digital Storytellers (Grades 3 & 4):  Charles Gallo (London and Maddie’s favorite summer camp counselor and technology teacher at MTES).  Explore the art of storytelling using the digital technologies of sound, animation and special effects.  Students will create and publish their own writing using Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Fitness & Fun (Grades 3 & 4):  Ron Rossi.  Students in this program will release their energy by engaging in outdoor or indoor sports and games.  Organized activities will foster good sportsmanship and enhance fine and gross motor skills.
  • Fun with Dr. Seuss (Grades K-4):  Amy Cohen.  Students will read Dr. Seuss books and complete activities such as making “oobleck,” “Sneetch Snacks,” an individual “Foot Book,” and a Bartholomew Cubbins hat!
  • Yoga for Kids (Grades K-2 and Grades 3-5):  Students will learn Yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques.  This class helps children to develop focus and concentration, which increases confidence and self-esteem.
  • Jazzercise (Grades 3-6):  Jazzercise combines dance moves to popular music, fitness games and light strength training with focus on nutrition and exercise while dancing to basic choreography.

The classes run for eight sessions on Tuesdays or Thursdays from October 14th through December 18th, and range in price from $85 to $120.  Online registration forms will be available starting on Monday, September 29th through Wednesday, October 8th.

Last spring, London and Maddie got a taste for Irish Step Dancing in the Pathways to Learning program, with a recital that showed off their moves.  Even though the recital was scheduled for the Friday after Rex’s knee replacement surgery, the day after he came home from the hospital, Rex made it to the show and was so proud of what our girls had accomplished.  This time, the girls are most interested in Making Magic…now we just have to decide whether we can fit it into their busy schedule.

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